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School Holiday Programmes

Bay of Plenty OSCAR award winning holiday programmes: choose between the Holiday Club (including multi day camps) or the Waimarino Park Days.

Bookings fill fast, especially for camps, so please book early to reserve a place.

The Holiday Club

Surfboards on beachThe Holiday Club is Waimarino’s ‘out and about’ school holiday programme where the kids experience new adventures off and on-site. Activities range from those as placid as a sit down clown show to those as enthralling as a white water adventure! Every holidays the team at Waimarino in Tauranga creates a new vibrant programme to cater to the needs of 5 to 13 year olds. The school holiday programmes are age appropriate, well supervised, structured and of course FUN FUN FUN!

Cost: From $49 per day.

supervised park daysWaimarino Park Days

Waimarino Park Days constitute an internal school holiday programme where kids stay and play at Waimarino all day. The programme is based at Waimarino Adventure Park in Tauranga so there are always plenty of exciting activities waiting on the doorstep!

Please note: Waimarino Park Days do not run during the Winter holidays (see the programme brochure for further details).

Cost: $45.00 per day.