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School Programmes in Tauranga

This page contains a list of our school programmes:


a circle of kayaks

Te Tahi (The One)
(Our most popular programme by far!)

  • Venue: Waimarino Adventure Park, Bethlehem Tauranga
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: An introduction to basic kayaking skills with a strong focus on building water confidence and giving everything a go! Rescue training, skill based games on the water in kayaks and adventure park activities designed to test even the most energetic youngster.
  • Timings:
    Option 1: AM Te Tahi 9am – 230pm - 5. 5hr programme.
    Option 2: PM Te Tahi 3pm – 8pm - 5hr programme. (With free bbq hire)
  • Extras: Extend your groups fun and time in the park to an 8hour programme, this includes extra time on the activities and a full climbing session run by our trained instructors. (Te Tahiroa / the Long One)


children with a stick 3D Team Challenge Programme
(Really get the kids thinking!)
  • Venue: Waimarino Adventure Park, Bethlehem Tauranga
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: This programme is the ultimate test of a group’s strategic decision making abilities, group awareness, communication skills and time management skills. The programmes’ objective is to select and complete the particular challenges most suited to your team’s strengths, to accrue the maximum points possible for your team in the time provided. Every team member will be required to contribute their individual talents towards their team’s final score in this head to head team competition. An action packed, fun filled programme with genuine valuable learning outcomes.
  • Timings: 3 hour programme, followed by free time to use our Adventure Park activities. 5.5hours.
The Maximus Programme
(A full on day!)
  • Venue: Waimarino Adventure Park, Bethlehem Tauranga
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: The most physically & mentally demanding programme we offer, combining our two most popular programmes into one! Our introduction to kayaking / adventure park activities (Te Tahi) with the addition of our Team Challenge Programme (3D). The last part of the programme is free time on our adventure activities to exhaust any remaining energy reserves. (Refer to Te Tahi and 3D teambuilding for further information)
  • Timings: 9am- 5.30pm. 8.5hr programme.


school 03 swimming in a riverRiver Hop
(A real challenge!)
  • Venue: Upper Wairoa River
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: A true New Zealand adventure!! Walk, scramble & swim up one of the NZ’s favourite river rafting rivers without (most of) the water. The water from the river is diverted through a canal from hydro-dammed Lake McLaren, leaving the riverbed mostly dry, but with some deep long pools. Communication and teamwork interdependency are crucial requirements of this activity.
  • Timings: 9am – 1pm
school 04 kayaks on a riverWairoa River Kayak Trip
(A real journey!)
  • Venue: Wairoa River
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: This is a programme that enables your group to explore the upper reaches of the Wairoa River, and is a true river journey experience. Launching from the Omanawa River your group is guided along a 7.5 km scenic flat water paddle back to Waimarino Adventure Park. You will stop on route for lunch and to engage in team-building challenges programme requiring interdependency, problem-solving skills, decision-making, leadership and co-operation.
  • Timings: 9am – 230pm
school 05 kayaks and glowwormsGlow Worm Kayaking
  • Venue: Based at the stunning McLaren’s falls park
  • Tour information: kayak to the Glow-worm canyon to view the constellations of glow-worms while they float through the canyon in total darkness, while the other group walks around the Waterfall Track where they can view the glow-worms very close up to see their visually stunning method of catching their prey. The groups will then swap. The students (& adults) will learn about the lifecycle and biological environment of the fascinating New Zealand Fungus Gnat aka Glow-worm. We supply headtorches and glow sticks so paddlers can see and be seen.
  • Timings: Meeting times change with the sessions starting at sunset lasting for 3hours approx.


school 06 chidren round campfireMulti-day school camp programmes
(combine them all!)
  • Venue: Combining our most popular programme options throughout the Tauranga area
  • Transport: We have several options including in-house and contracting large to small coaches
  • Accommodation: Papamoa motor camp, Mount Maunganui motor camp, McLaren’s falls lodge, Omokoroa Holiday Park
  • Educational values and learning outcomes: Nothing can replace the experience of a multiday camp! The skills and learning outcomes are almost immeasurable! Interpersonal skills, planning, team work, self-confidence, personal development, social development not to mention a whole lot of fun!!

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